Transcendentalism Essay

Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Mrs. Uhlenhop
Block period 4&8
November 3, 2010Transcendentalism Essay
Robert Penn Warren once said, “Transcendentalism was, at its core, a philosophy of naked individualism, aimed at the creation of the new American, and self-reliant man, complete and independent.”(Uhlenhop) Transcendentalism is an American movement that happened in the 19th century and was centered around Ralph Waldo Emerson. Today, technology is an example of this and can be helpful and/or harmful. I think that some of what Thoreau and the resolution say is incorrect and some is correct. Technology can expand our knowledge; however, can be distracting and damaging to the people around us and our environment.

Technology can be distracting as there are many items available to use which can cause us to lack focus on one specific item. Today, we have televisions, computers, iTouches, personal digital assistants, and cell phones. All of these items allow us to obtain information daily. With all this technology, it prevents us to stay focus on one specific item at a time. For example, when we are able to use a computer for assistance, there are several websites available at your fingertips. This can be distracting as each website has different information to offer (Lehrer). In addition, with cellphones available, we are able to call our friends to assist us with our homework, which can also cause us to stray away from our focus at hand. While these technologies may distract us from the main focus, it can cause damage to the people around us. It can take time away from our family, friends, and other people we interact with. Cellphones deter us to have discussions in person. In addition, computers also have caused us to have formal conversations with each other. Technology can cause you to become impatient, forgetful, and even narcissistic (Parker-Pope). Technology can also be very harmful to the environment. In the past few years we have had many issues with oil...
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