Transactional Analysis

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Dr. Eric Berne was a prominent Psychiatrist and is the author of “Game People Play” in which he introduces Games and Transactional Analysis to the world. Transaction:
When two people communicate, each exchange is a transaction. A transaction consists of a singular stimulus and a single response, verbal or nonverbal from one person to another. It is called a transaction because each party gains something by it. Berne said that when people are in their different ego states and they interact with other people, four main types of transaction can happen. 1. Complementary Transaction: when both partners’ ego states complement each other, resulting in a positive exchange. 2. Cross Transaction: when partners address ego states other than that their partner is in. 3. Duplex Transaction: when whole interaction is working on two levels. Partners are pretending to address and be in adult ego state but they are both in and address child ego state. 4. Angular Transaction: when the person is talking on more than one level, appearing to address the other person adult ego state but trying to hook the child ego state.

Transaction Analysis:
It defines as “a theory of personality and social action, and a clinical method of psychotherapy, based on the analysis of all possible transactions between two or more people, on the basis of specifically defined ego states into a finite number of established types." It can be used in any field where there is a need for understanding individuals, relationships, communication and systems. TA can be used as a system of psychotherapy. TA can also be used to observe the transactions giving insight into where the relationship is lost and how better communication can be achieved that facilitates the teaching.

Ego States:
Berne defined the ego state as a “consistent pattern of feelings and experiences directly related to a corresponding consistent pattern of behavior.” Berne named three ego states, the Parent, the Adult and the Child. 1....
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