Trans-Racial Adoption

Topics: Adoption, Race and Ethnicity, International adoption Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Crystal Torres
Professor. Fennessey
English 101
November 20, 2012
Trans-racial Adoption
There are many arguments and debates on weather Trans-racial adoptions are appropriate in today’s society or even beneficial for the adopted child. The Controversy has gone back & fourth stating if a child upbringing will be the same with its adopted parents as it would be with parents of its own race. . You would think that people would support anybody adopting a child who needs a family but some are against this act. If any family is willing to take in a child no matter what the race is then that’s something we should have a positive look on.

‘Those who are opposed believe that it risks damaging the racial or ethnic identity of the Child’ says Aziza Moos. (Social behavior and personality pg1115). Some believe that if a child of one race is adopted by another that the parents won’t be able to teach the adoptee about its ethnic background and values. They think that the child will not have a great concept on its race/background because they’re not around people of its kind to give them an insight of the cultures different values.

However Ruth G. McRoy says “the authors introduced selected findings from eight studies that show that transracial adoptees become stable, emotionally healthy adults who are comfortable with their racial identity.” (Social work pg277). Society needs to realize the positive and exclude the differences in race as a problem. An adoptee will grow up to be fine as long as it’s with people who care for them and are there to love and support them. Eventually they will learn where they came from and there background but People need to focus more on the relationship between the parents and the adoptee rather than the race.

Children should be able to be moved from adoption agencies to a home of any adoptive parents without there being a controversy on the race situation. It’s taking...
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