Topics: Coffee, White, Autumn Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: March 12, 2013
“Running Head”: TRANQUILITY​​
Tari Williams
ENG 121
Sarah Ngo
December 3, 2012

I awake each morning to the hiss and gurgle of the coffee maker.  The smell of brewing coffee lures me to the kitchen.  Eagerly I wait for the gurgling to stop; with no self-control, I prematurely dispense a cup.  With coffee in hand, I anxiously make my way to the patio.  I take the sun and she spreads her warm blanket upon me.  Sitting on my patio while sipping on coffee from a stoneware mug, is what I call a, "Heavenly" experience.  While the juggling of daily activities; applying for jobs, cooking and housework may cause me stress I return to my patio my "Place of Tranquility."  This is where I bask in the splendor of God's backyard creation, which soothes my soul and calms my mind.

Directly to the right of the patio are Gardenia bushes, three to be exact, they are the color of antique white with petals as dense as a cheerleader's pom-pom.  When a gentle breeze blows, a slight heavenly scent from this little flower fills my nose.  The delicate yet magnificent purple petals of the Gladiolus adorn these bushes.  They stand tall and erect superbly with color.  Outlining the flowerbed the Daffodils grow in clusters and bloom golden in the sun.  To the left of the patio a flowing sea of lavender Creeping Flock gracefully leans on the green foliage of the Lilies' whose pretty yellows and pinks are delightfully precious.   Beside the Lilies a row of lovely white Daisies reveal their essence of purity, unlike the white of the Gardenia, the petals are snowy.  All of these flowers have their own special place in my garden and I view each with affection.  I am mesmerized as I watch the flowers unfold; stretching in an upward motion to absorb the warmth the sun faithfully delivers.

The evenings are cooling down from the blistering summer days and the season is changing.  The falling dew makes everything glisten.  As I wipe the dew from the...
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