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A Report on Road Accidents - Role of Cell phones and Drunken Driving

Submitted to
Dr. Naval Bajpai

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Arnab Roy Pousali Chakrabarti Shashank Badre Prateek Singh

Section A
Quantitative Techniques
Indian Institute of Management Raipur


We would like to sincerely thank Prof. Naval Bajpai, Indian Institute of Management Raipur for his valuable guidance in this project right from the conception till the completion of the same. We would also like to thank our beloved, Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director of Indian Institute of Management Raipur, for rendering his support during the entire project period. We also thank all the anonymous referees for their valuable comments on the report. Last but not the least; we thank our classmates for their encouragement and support. -------------------------------------------------

1. Introduction

India has the second largest road network in the world with over 3 million km of roads. These roads make a vital contribution to the India’s economy. As per the data of National Crime Records Bureau India, in 2010, total number of deaths due to accidents were 3, 84,649 in India. Road injuries are now among the three leading causes of death for those in the 5-44 age groups in India. The recent data released by surface transport ministry of India shows 22.4% of accidents and about 20.2% of road accident injuries were caused by two-wheelers. In the city of Delhi, driving under influence of alcohol took 10,553 lives in 2011. Car accidents and the heavy vehicle accidents play a major role in seriousness of a road accident. After searching the details it was found that causes for road accidents in India are drunken driving, cell phone use while driving, crossing speed limit, rash driving, jumping signals, avoiding seat belt, overtaking aggressively. Among all these causes cell phone use and drunken driving are the main causes of the road accidents in India.

This research work was carried out to study the role of drunken driving and cell phone use in road accidents. Five liker scale questionnaire was designed, it contains fourteen questions spread across five sections and the questions were ranked from one to five in such a way that if they strongly agree with the statement, they will tick five. Four if the statement is certainly agree with the statement, three if the statement is neither true nor false of their situation, two if they certainly disagree with the statement and one if the strongly disagree with the statement.

2. Literature Review

2.1 References from research papers

The research papers that studied the road accidents and role of drunken driving and cell phone use in road accidents were used for reference.

T.Sivakumar and Dr.R.Krishnaraj (2012) has studied the road accidents and drunken driving as a cause for the road accidents. They have done a detail study on the effect of alcohol on the body of human being and justified the road accidents due to alcohol consumption.

Jay Przybyla and Xuesong Zhou (2008) studied a relationship between cell phone use while driving and deterioration in driving performance leading to an increased risk of collision. Their study was mainly based upon behavioural, experimental, and real-world studies

2.2 References from Articles published

Articles which were published on road accidents were used to study the road accidents and major causes of it.

An article by Jayashree Pakhare (2011) stated the effects of alcohol on the nervous system on human being and covers certain facts that reveal ill-effects of driving under the influence of alcohol.

An article by Kounteya Sinha and Dipak Kumar Dash (2011) studies the road accidents in India and states...
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