Tral View

Topics: Muhammad, Eye, Kashmir Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Irfan malik,s research on his own locality .
The word tral has been extracted from the raj tarangi and neel mat pooran called as ‘holda, later on called as ‘par gana aular,. HISTORICAL FACT OF TRAL REGION
It is been said that a person from hamdan belongs to a royal family entered tral region for the spread of islam suddenly here the king qutub din sold tral region for 3 eye balls to hamdanian named hazrat ameer kabeer mir sayed ali hamdani r.a.on the behalf of this event the name of this region turned to tral because etymologically the tral word has been derived from a kashmiri word ,tr, and ,al, means 3 and eye ball . IMPORTANT FACTS

1.Forests of tral are rich in medicinal plants.
2.In past decades it was center of education,many kashmiri prominent personalities had received their education here in tral. 3.The mirwaiz family got migrated here from tral to Srinagar. 4.There are 24 mosques in tral town center is at ameer kabeer shrine r.a 5.There are plenty of tribal people dwelling in hilly regions of tral. 6. The famous lakes ,tarsarmarsar is also located here in mountains of tral. 7.There are huge temples located in the famous village of tral named as ,naristan. 8.The badi chumnai chargah lake in spherical (egg shaped)located in the mountains of tral. 9.Cham cham numa lake is being located in the mountains of tral. 10.Munwar sar lake is also present in the mountains of tral. 11.Naag baren the tourist place is also located here in tral. 12.The village shikargah has been glorified with forests and dense trees all around .The king of forests in past decades built a tourist resort here.A shooting for bollywood film has been done in past years .Still tourists are visiting this beautiful place. 13.Guph kral is also located in tral ,it is historical place. Tral Kashmir is located in south Kashmir,it is 10kms away from national highway,it is also a tehsil,its district belongs to pulwama Kashmir. Dominantly 3 religious sects are...
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