Traits of a Functional Manager

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Traits of a Functional Manager
Curtis Mustard
BUS201: Principles of Management
Paul Michael
April 9, 2012

A manager's role in any organization "is the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively." (Jones,2011,pg.4). Now that we have all of the hoopla out of the way and we have a word for word description of what management is, we will now discuss exactly what a manager's role is as far as the employee goes and then maybe touch on what a manager should do, and how he should act to be effective. Management of 25 years ago has changed drastically throughout the years. Management, especially upper management, ruled the roost and usually had a reputation for being feared or somebody who could administer discipline with no remorse. This is the management of long-ago. Even though we describe the role of the manager in a typical organization today, there are still certain traits that a manager should have and with these traits a manager will excel in applying the four functions of management. A manager's role in a company or organization is spelled out above, but in layman's terms a manager is expected to directly control or lead employees by example and organization to make sure that the job is done right. This would include directing certain employees or subordinates to make sure there is plenty of material available to aid in production of a product. A manager must also make sure that an employee running the machine has the raw material available and that the machine is set up within specs to put out a salable, prime product. After the product is manufactured a manager must also make sure that the product is delivered to either the next process, quality inspection, or shipping. This will depend on the type of product being made and exactly what is being produced. A manager is also required to make sure that the hours of the employees are accounted for and remunerated accordingly.

Depending on what type of management, a human resources manager would be concerned with making sure that the organization has employees that are correctly skilled to the right level to aid in the manufacture of the organization's product. A manager can have many roles in an organization, this is why there are different levels of management ranging from first line managers, middle managers, top managers, and the CEO or owner of the organization. If all the management and employees work together as one, an organization or company should run like a well oiled machine. One of the traits that I think that a manager should possess and will excel him at his job is agreeableness. In order to be a decent manager you must be high on the level of agreeableness. If you attain this level you will be well-liked, and get along very well with others including other managers. This would be a big plus while maintaining the four functions of management. In the planning stage of any project is definitely a lot better to deal with people if you had a question concerning that project. People will be more apt to talk with you in depth about planning a project or even a company from the base stages and so on if you were a likable person. If you weren't well-liked, well I know if I don't like somebody I am very less likely to even talk with the person let alone answer questions in depth. That's just plain old psychology 101. In all stages of business management you are a well-liked person that people like to talk to, the organizing, leading, and controlling of employees and resources in any organization will flow like water. The reason for this is in all the stages of management there are other employees and even other managers that you will have to deal with in order to organize, lead, or control a situation in the organization.

It is much better to deal with these people with a happy face as the text states, "The great leaders of tomorrow realized that putting...
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