Trainspotting Vs. Fight Club

Topics: Happiness, Crime, Fight Club Pages: 7 (2757 words) Published: February 27, 2001
Happiness is primary goal of everybody. Nobody tries to be unhappy people are just incapable of this. People are different and someone may seem unhappy to one person but may actually be happy because of this difference. A hermit for example is happy living by himself without contact with anyone where another person might need attention. The hermit might think that the person who strives for attention is unhappy with the interest but in actual fact they aren't. This works the same way for everyone around the world. There is no doubt that being happy is on everyone's to do list. What does change however is how they plan to get their happiness. Some choose to play by the rules and work extremely hard to be happy, others just go with the flow and then a select few work backwards. They strive for complete unhappiness and eventually get their happiness. This is also extremely hard to do because you have to abandon your morals and watch your life go to ruins before you can get your bliss. In the books Trainspotting and Fight Club this method of happiness is demonstrated by Rents, a heroin addict, and the narrator, a businessman who's happiness is not a perfect life. The characters achieved their happiness by accepting petty illegal activity, participating in these activities and expanding upon them. Once the characters had done this they new what the rock bottom of life like and had a very specific idea of what their happiness was. After years of ruins the characters lives spontaneously got better. The characters were faced with a final decision that would either give them happiness or more misery. The situation was very difficult and a person with regular morals would not have come out successful but the main characters had no difficulties. For the person with nothing it is very easy to achieve happiness because they don't have any expectations that make them picky. The only way to achieve and be sure that one has reached personal happiness is to accept and often experience rock bottom.

In both books the characters followed a downward path and eventually hit rock bottom of life. They eventually lost all they had and were hated by society. After all of the characters despicable actions they both ended up completely happy with their lives. At the end of each book the characters had reached complete bliss by striving for complete despair and giving up on life. A major part of this bliss was the road to hitting bottom. The characters of the books gave up on life and the majority of Trainspotting and Fight Club are characters participating in their own illegal activities that eventually progress and get worse. Not only do the activities get worse but also they become more recognized by society and by the characters. On the surface the characters of the books are trying to better their lives and turn themselves around. Rents is the main character in Trainspotting and a heroin addict. Throughout the book until the end he is trying to beat his addiction and become straight edge but as the reader progresses into the book and into Rents' character they see that he doesn't really want to change. He sees that he is a horrible person and strive towards this. "You stole the books from Waterstone's bookshop, with the intention of selling them, he states."� This a quote from when Rents and his friend Spud are in court for stealing. This is a petty activity compared to other actions further into the book but even now Rents neglects the affects of his actions. Spud goes to jail and Rents' family is extremely disappointed and torn apart but he feels no regret though he says otherwise. He consistently has no feeling of remorse for anything because he has realised that he is a piece of trash and feels that the world treats him bad so he is going to treat it even worse. This is a common theme for all the characters in the book though they have different outlooks on it. Another character, Sick boy, progresses from stealing to pimping to drug...
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