Training a Team vs. Individuals

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Training a Team vs. Individuals

Goal setting, behavior modeling, practice, and feedback are basic aspects of training similar in both team and individual training environments (Cascio, 2006, p. 288). Goals must be clearly defined to address the training objectives when training a team or individual. Behaviors to be learned must first be demonstrated and then practiced by trainees in a group or individual setting. In addition, circular feedback from trainer to trainee and trainee to trainer is a basic aspect of both team and individual training.

To illustrate this point, I have experienced the similarities in training a team vs. individuals while performing technical software training in my current role. I admit that some training is more conducive to the group enviroment than individual setting and visa versa. In addition, class size can negatively impact a trainee’s learning experience. However, I have successfully trained thousands of sales representatives across the country on the same handheld computer software both in a group as well as a one on one setting. The basic aspects of the software training are the same: set goals to learn the new software, model behavior of proficiently navigating around in the computer, complete practice exercises, and provide circular feedback.

While individual training may provide necessary one on one attention, group training provides many different advantages over individual training. Group collaboration is specific to training within a team environment. Cascio stated, “As more firms move to employee involvement and teams in the workplace, team members need to learn behaviors such as asking for ideas, offering help without being asked, listening and feedback skills, and recognizing and considering the ideas of others” (Cascio, 2006, p. 288). Training in teams fosters teamwork and is conducive to the development of close ties in an informal network. Team training provides better...
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