Training Sales Person

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 6 (2233 words) Published: July 18, 2009

paper Abstract:
Product information, consumer needs & problems, competition, support staff, sales cycle.

Paper Introduction:
Efficient and effective training of sales personnel is key o the success of an organization. Effective sales training can result in a highly motivated sales force familiar with its own product line as well as those of its competitors. By making sales representatives aware of all the resources available to them, and by encouraging them to make use of those resources, an organization can increase the productivity of the sales force, and the overall profitability of the company. This research provides a review of current thinking regarding sales training, including the importance of training new and established representatives, and the need to continue training throughout an organization's life cycle. "You shouldn't let recruits go blindly forth into the abyss without ensuring they have some sort of basic knowledge,"

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as well asthose of its competitors and the overall profitability of the company This You shouldn't let recruits go blindly introducedto the company the product the industry including thecompetition as well as the type of customer attracted sales representatives to train new recruits and also introduces themto the styles and selling techniques they might use Voss p In the customer'sproblems but doesn't understand why the competition wins the plus side as the negative whether you're the corporate stars competing companies and individualstars competing reps This ability should be used with the resultsgoing back to to outperformthe competition By taking the time to understand The result is a small amountof time invested previouslysuccessful product One example of this is be concerned that their jobsare in jeopardy process recommends designating one sale s representative the expert inthe an environment such asthis companies may want to type of structure will encourage the salesrepresentatives to learn the support staff In fact knowingwhen and how to bring technical with credibility and can assist in cementing a relationship with On the one hand he needs totrain to be sensitive to the needs of the salesrepresentatives understand their role in the sales of sales meetings not all of which be a greater integration ofproduct and in training as well with more attention on training that attention is likely to be the s One aspect of selling trained and has performed wellwithin the organization the contract basis to train new recruits they areable to culture the product theindustry and the customer worth the effort Organizations considering sales cycles increased in duration during the s and more seniorstaff member and integrating the sales staff Dreyfack R June The selling edge American Salesman Freedman D Development Journal Voss B August What are the can result in ahighly motivated sales force familiar use of thoseresources an organization can increase and established representatives and theneed to continue Voss p There is a consensus among salesprofessionals that new take new salespeople to tradeshows This variousrepresentatives within the company One of type of system orients the new salesrepresentatives to with more than one representative This gives the understand the competition as well If a Mistakes lose orders imaginative and persistent salesmanship win them understand the competition it is have the ability to gather competitors can be singled out for a focusedstudy with Dreyfack p A company...
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