Training Need Analysis

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Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire

| | |THE KUNJA VILLA | |Is in the process of developing its human resources, and the quality of services. | |As part of its’ human resources development plan we intend to conduct | |a Training Needs Analysis, which will be conducted by: | |TONY SARDJONO | |Tony Sardjono & Associates | |Professional Development Consultant | |The result of this interview will be kept strictly confidential. |

Name: ________________________________

Department/ Section: ________________________________

1. Organization Structure

2 Struktur Organisasi (Pada halaman terpisah berikanlah struktur organisasi departemen anda!)

2. What is your Departmental Mission Statement?
• Apa Misi Departemen anda?

3. Departmental Goals.
• Sasaran Departemen. Jelaskan.

4. Give the Strength and Weakness Analysis of your Department . Berikanlah Analisis Kekuatan, dan Kelemahan departemen anda

5. What complaints do you often receive from the customers? Please explain. • Apa keluhan yang sering anda terima dari para pelanggan?

6. What training and development programs do you need for your development? • Program pelatihan apa yang Anda butuhkan bagi diri Andan sendiri?

7. What training and development do you plan to conduct in your department in 2011 ? • Pelatihan apa yang dibutuhkan dan akan anda lakukan di departemen anda di tahun 2011?

8. Other comments for improving productivity at work
• Saran-saran untuk meningkatkan produktivitas keja 1. Organization Structure(Struktur Organisasi)
On a separate sheet give an organization structure of your department/section!

Berikanlah struktur organisasi departemen anda!

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...
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