Training for Construction Workers

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  • Published : December 3, 2010
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Written Assignment

Discuss the problems caused by poorly trained workers and evaluate different ways to provide effective training in the construction industry in China

Nowadays, construction industry in China is experiencing a fast development and an abundance of skilled workers are needed to meet such development need. However, the situation in China is unsatisfactory. Because of the huge number of the workers involved and mobility of the workforce, it is difficult to ensure the professional quality of workers. Most of them are poorly trained, which may give birth to many problems such as poor quality of the project, delay of the project and safety accidents. Thus, we can not emphasize the importance of training our workers too much and effective ways of training should be adopted.

As Cooper (2004) concludes, there are a number of ways can be used to train the construction workers, three of which are on-the-job training, off-the-job training and vocation training. On-the-job training means that workers are organized to learn during the process of work, learning from others who are more experienced (Building, Civil Engineering and Public Works Committee, 1977). This type of training is very uncertain in terms of content and degree which the learners could reach. But as for the time, it is the most time-saving and flexible way of training since this would take no extra time. Therefore, Chinese construction contractors should make full advantage of this method to improve the skills of workers without wasting too much time.

As for the off-the-job training, workers are required to leave their posts for a period of time and receive training from the professional experts or teachers. However there are some drawbacks of this kind of training. Firstly, the teachers and professionals are usually hired by the company which means higher costs especially when the quantity of workers is large. Moreover, it takes whole days to attend such concentrated training...
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