Training Evaluation

Topics: Training, Skill, Practice Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: February 19, 2011
Running head: Ryan Door

Training Evaluation at Ryan door
Learning Team 4
Mr. William Rearden
Introduction to Human Resources Development
January 30,2011

Employee training programs in an organization are very important, they provide a focused training to employees who are either one time basis or a recurring basis. Training programs in an organization can either be developed in-house or the organization can opt to attend programs which are more generic such as colleges, universities or attend training centers, (Sims, 2002). Ryan door should come up with a training program which is whole and looks to all the details of the company.

The first step that Ryan should take is to ensure that training provides employees with skills and knowledge necessary for succeeding in their jobs. This should entail provision of training manuals which show all the requirements for the position that the person is about to take and the manuals are up to date with current required knowledge for the position since they keep on changing from time to time.

According (Lawson, 2002), new employees should receive a formal training method which is either in-house or from external sources where they an attend seminars because they are more professional and informed. The person leaving the position should not train the new employee because the same mistakes which the person was committing will probably be passed on. Employees who had help the position before do not have enough knowledge about the position therefore they should also not be used.

Second step is to improvise a well structured plan which starts by reviewing company's objectives and evaluating whether the existing training program covers the objectives and if not, decide on the additional training needed to match company needs and employee needs and close the gap. In this case therefore, it is clear that the employees of Ryan door lack enough skills in their jobs and additional training should be provided to...
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