Training Effectiveness

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The paper investigates the role of training and its effectiveness on the trainees with focus on organizations in the power sector wherein the organization believed in optimal utilization of the human resources apart from initiating technological upgrades to achieve the organizational goals. The training programme is focused on inculcating culture of lean manufacturing, innovation, customer-orientation, safety and quality focus in order to familiarize the trainees who are broadly divided into two classes of employees- ‘management’ and ‘non-management’ with the aspects of working of the organization, integrate them in the organization and orient them to work effectively. The study aims to emphasize the aspects of the training programme that are efficient, effective and relevant in formulating induction programmes for employees, identify the areas of improvement and ascertain significant differences in reaction of employees.

The programme was evaluated by measuring the satisfaction of employees by a questionnaire. The analysis was done by factor-analysis to reduce the number of variables into fewer number of factors. Later the ratings on the variables are converted into scores. Further, t-test was applied on the factors for evaluating mean differences between the two samples to test the hypotheses developed around the factors. The factor analysis yielded six factors. They are: The clarity of the trainer, venue of the programme, food served, practical application, communication of trainer and other facilities. The results obtained state that there is significant difference in mean values of satisfaction only with regard to the factor concerned with the communication of the trainer wherein the managers are more satisfied with the communication skills of the trainer when compared to non-managers. No significant differences between mean values of the samples were observed for other factors.

It can be concluded that the factors emerged are...
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