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Report Topic

“Training & Development Activities For British American Tobacco Bangladesh”

Submitted to:

Farheen Hassan

Course Instructor

Training & Development

Faculty of Business Administration

BBA Program, AIUB

Prepared By:

Name: Rishad, Abdul Wadud

ID: 07-08236-1

Section: A


Date of Submission: July 26, 2010

Letter of Transcript

26th July, 2010

Farheen Hassan,
Course Instructor,
Training & Development
Faculty of Business Administration
American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

Subject: Prayer for submission of the assignment for the Training & Development.

Dear Madam,

It is our great pleasure to submit the assignment titled “Training and development activities for British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB)” that you assigned us a partial requirement of the course “Training & Development”. I am very thankful to you for allowing me the opportunity to do the assignment on this topic.

As we know that, BAT is the global tobacco company which is also situated in Bangladesh. Also in Bangladesh it is one of the most leading companies based on the different kinds of tobacco in our country. Presence of British American Tobacco in this part of the world can be traced back to 1910. Beginning the journey as Imperial Tobacco 100 years ago, the company set up its first depot at Armanitola in Dhaka.

The assignment attempt to look into the point and analysis of development opportunities in their organization. It also focuses on the training process of the organization use this in T&D program.

Finally, we are truly grateful to you for giving us this nice opportunity to work on this assignment, which we have considered as a great chance for us to develop our HR concept. The entire group contribution has led to the successful completion of this report. Although I have tried my best, certain mistakes and inconvenience may reside and for this I seek pardon and hope you will accept my apologies.

Sincerely yours,

Rishad, Abdul Wadud
ID # 07-08236-1


At first particularly I am thankful to the almighty Allah for blessing me and give me the ability to complete this assignment.

Training & Development is really an interesting course in HRM major subjects and attending a assignment like this leave me with a store of knowledge. This type of report or assignment will help me in my future job. I am very-much thankful to my course teacher Farheen Hassan, our Academic faculty from American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB). She is teaching us this interesting course so easily that we can understand properly the main objective of this course. It is an important course for the HRM students. The versatile viewpoint and teaching style of Farheen Hassan is very nice and examples given by her throughout his lecture are very much realistic. So it helped us to understand the topics of this course easily.

At last I would like to thank my classmates. Many of my friends and also many well-wishers contributed ideas and made suggestions that greatly enhanced this assignment. I would like to thank them deep in my heart.

At the last, but not the least, I also very thankful the Internet which is very supportive and grateful medium for completing this assignment.

Where this assignment succeeds I share the credit, where it errors I all accept the responsibility.

Name: Rishad, Abdul Wadud
ID: 07-08236-1
Department: BBA
Major: HRM
American International University of
Bangladesh (AIUB).


1. About British American Tobacco

With more than 250 brands in our portfolio, we make the cigarette chosen by one in eight of the world’s one billion adult smokers. BAT hold robust market positions in each of their regions and have leadership in more than 50 markets.

In 2009, their subsidiaries enabled...
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