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How to Link Employee Retention to Training
Companies want to keep talented employees. Investing in employees by providing training opportunities comes with an additional cost, so establishing a positive link between training and retention provides a tangible reason for the expenditure. Typically, employees who attend courses and take self-study training or receive coaching and mentoring feel that their employer takes an interest in them and they perform better on the job as a result. Link employee retention to training by conducting employee surveys.

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Identify all the training courses your staff attends. Keep track of this data in a spreadsheet or use a commercial learning management system, which allows administrators to publish course catalogs and register students for classes, seminars and workshops. The system also allows them to generate reports on student progress, such as assignments, tests and final exams. Usually, companies publish monthly reports containing the names of employees completing training, adhering to privacy guidelines established for the company. * 2

Conduct employee surveys using free online questionnaire software, such as Zoomerang, Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey, or conduct personal interviews and focus groups to get input. Ask an employment question, such as "How long have you been employed at this company?" Ask about the number of courses taken, such as "How many courses related to your job have you completed this year?" * Sponsored Links

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Identify a correlation between the number of years of service and the cumulative number of training courses. Typically, employees who have been employed for many years have...
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