Training Centers in India and Jordan

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Training Facilities at India and Jordan

I. Background:

The OETC has employed around 20 fresh engineers and assistant engineers to work with Transmission Department as Operation and Maintenance Engineers /Assistant. In addition to that the company has employed another 58 employees who used to be an operator in grid station with contractors. Those operators are secondary school holders and their ages varied from 22 years old to 55 years old. It decided to assign those people to preform only maintenance job as technician at grid station.

II. Objective:

As a result of the recruiting of this number of employees it was a necessity to train them and develop their skills to enable them to do their job. For that a clear objective was set up to identify best training center to train new O&M engineers and technician in the Transmission Department.

III. Team and task
The team of OETC employees was formed to go and find out the training facilities in order to train new employees which recently joined the company. Their task was to check the ability of the proposed training center and evaluate those possible training provider. The proposed training providers were Power grid Corporation of India Limited in Public India and National Electric Power Company in Kingdom of Jordan.

IV. Visit summary, Method of Evaluation, and Findings.

a. Visit summary:
The visit to India took place on 5th September 2011 for one day at PGCIL head office and to one of the company grid station in Delhi. In PGCI the team met the concern people with training. They gave good description of the methods of trainings in their company. Also, they took us to their hostel where they accommodate students and from their we did a trip to a grid station. This visit was followed by a visit to NEPCO in Amman on 7th September 2011 to their training center in Al Zarqa. After we arrived to their head office immediately they took us to their training center in Al-Zarqa...
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