Training Bond

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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In the first place we should understand the concept of a training bond, it is supposed to be an avenue for an employer to training employees under conditions where they pay a stipend whilst increasing their knowledge and skill of the job. The main reason for any training bond is that it stops the practice where the current employer pays for the training, and then as soon as you gain the qualification you jump to another better job with it, so the current one gets no benefit from this investment in you. It also acts to make sure that the person really wants the training by making this commitment, rather than just accumulating training without strongly considering if they really want and will use it. The employee here should see these as a double edged gain and this favour should be returned to the firm in terms of working for them for a stipulated period of time according to their agreement. In the case of me and access bank understanding fully well this concept with regards to the fact that the bank’s training school is one of the best you can think of to start a career. With the realization of the fact that a four year bachelors degree and then a masters degree would not fetch me the on the job experience I would require to start a career, here I am with an intention to start one at one of the best training school time and money can buy, then I should be continually grateful with such an opportunity. Training is an important business investment and like all investments companies expect considerable returns. These returns are sometimes measured in terms of successful implementation of the new skills that actually reflect on business results in terms of quality and productivity. Many companies measure returns in terms of the amount of time that the employee is able to utilize the new skill at work, hence companies require employees to enter into an agreement for the employees to return the investment through service tenure...
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