Training and Organization Outcomes

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Relationship between Training and Organizational Outcomes


Today’s changing environment demands more than what we are actually doing. It demands flexibility, diversity, new technology and continuous improvement. But the most important from all is skilled human resource capital that places a dynamic role in organizational performance. It is human resource capital that plays an important role in the implementation of all the dimensions which are needed. Not any organization can become effective and efficient until individuals have and apply required skills and knowledge. For these required skills and competencies we need to train them according to the original needs. Training is one of the most important strategies for organizations to help employees gain proper knowledge and skills needed to meet the environmental challenges (Goldstein and Gilliam, 1990; Rosow and Zager, 1988). Training increases organization outcomes which include performance, productivity, motivation, morale, employee commitment, employee citizenship and decreases turnover and absenteeism. As we see that training enhances the employees’ performance and performance is the function of skills and competencies; that are dependant upon the amount of training which employees get. Training leads to learning where training motivates employees to perform their jobs with better skills and confidence, and learning is the long term tool for training. Motivated employees will work more effectively in their jobs and do more to further the bottom-line objectives of a company than unmotivated employees. (Charles Ainsworth). Productivity is a measure of success. The more productive a person is, the more successful they are. So keep learning, and adding to your knowledge until your last day. You will be a productive human being that way. (Damien Ghosh). Training have different forms such as On-The-Job training, Off-the Job training, formal learning, informal learning, apprenticeship training, job instruction training etc. these training methods are used to fulfill different training requirements. Providing training is not enough, at the same time its evaluation also enhances its effectiveness for the organization. Our area of research is to find out the relationship between training and organizational outcomes.

Literature Review

Training and performance:

Training is a formal & informal process which is important for the relationship between the employees training and performance at pearl continental hotel. The hoteling industry in Pakistan has become very competitive with respect to quality of service, which have a significant impact on the profitability & the success of the hotel. The quality of service can be only maintained by continuous improvement. The study investigates the relationship between the employees training factors such as age, gender, experience, and time spent on training, Training examination on 6 performance dimensions: Work safety, Job preparedness, Hotel hygiene, Physical maintenance of rooms, Interaction with guest and Serving customers in a different way. The methodology which is used in it was case study method. As well as questionnaire was distributed for the purpose of data collection. After the collection of data multiple regression models was developed which covers both the qualitative as well as quantitative variables. The model was developed to calculate the coefficient of multiple determinations which measures the strength of relationship among independent variables and dependent. The hoteling industry has always been given emphasis as it has to satisfy tourist, businessmen and common person who is off the...
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