Training and Needs Assessment

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Molly O’Neill
HRM420 – Course Project
Week 2 – Training and Needs Assessment
May 11, 2011

Some employees get a little introduction before they start their new job, and some are learning the job while they are doing it. Right now, the orientation program is decentralized at Mechanical Concepts of Illinois. Most new hire employees are introduced to their role or department only with only 10 minutes of training from their supervisor, with no true orientation to the company, processes, their position, etc. The training and needs assessment results will determine if a centralized new hire orientation program can help employees have a better, more comfortable, and highly productive work environment. The data acquired will also provide suggestions and recommendation regarding the most effective and appropriate method for an employee orientation, if an orientation is needed.

Organizational Needs

In order to assess the organizational need as a whole, a six-question survey or questionnaire will be used to determine whether there is a need for developing an employee orientation program. Based on the survey, the HR manager will be able to determine if an orientation is needed, what topics should be covered in the orientation, when the orientation should be delivered, and how the program should be presented. The objectives of this survey study are to:

1. Determine if the full-time employees who participated in the survey feel the need for anew employee orientation. 2. Compare the differences of the survey result between the employees who have been working at Mechanical Concepts for less than one year and over three years to gain an equal and fair perspective from various groups. 3. Determine what topics should be covered in an orientation. 4. Determine when an orientation should be delivered.

5. Determine how an orientation program should be presented. 6. Provide suggestions and recommendations that allow the HR manager at...
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