Training and Motivation

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  • Published: November 18, 2010
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To What Extent Can We Attribute High Individual Performance To Employee Training, Learning And Development?

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In this composition, we explore the relationship between training and learning, and to what extent is affects individual job performance. Before we look into that, we define job performance as “the value of the set of employee behaviors that contribute, either positively or negatively, to organizational goal accomplishment” (Colquitt et al, 2009: 37). Bratton et el (2007) defines learning as “the process of constructing new knowledge and it’s ongoing reinforcement”. Firstly, we investigate how organizations view the importance of training and whether or not this is the only way to improve job performance. It is understood that there are other factors surrounded the improvement on performance, which will be explained in further detail. A research study has also been conducted to prove the hypothesis that these such factors very well may be involved and linked as a whole to the improvement of individual performance. Contradicting this belief, views have been added, made by various authors whom disagree with this and believe that training alone can be a factor to improve job performance. Additionally, we also take a look at the affects of learning on an organization and its employees.

Organizations in times of inefficient job performance tend to spend a great deal of money and time providing employees with top-quality training. “Organizations spend over $29 billion per year on employee training” (Feuer, 1987). A needs analysis is conducted within the company to develop specified training programs for that particular organization. This often can have little or no effect on an employee’s performance and management tends to blame the trainer for the lack of results shown. When training is ineffective, the source of the issue may be coming from within the company. There are various factors stating the effect on job...
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