Training and Job Performance

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Background of the study

Training is an event of planning a learning process in order to improve the person’s knowledge, ability and skills. According to Raymond (2010) “Planned effort by a company to facilitate to employees’ learning of job competencies. These competencies include knowledge, skills or behaviors that are critical for successful job performance”. This means that any organizations or institutions which want to improve job performance must provide trainings to their employees. Globalizations have forced organizations to own competitive advantages which will enhance their level of competition with other global competitors. “By continuously providing training and development opportunity to their employees can develop employees knowhow, thus building a strategic assets that can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage” (Lori and Robert, 2004). In addition, Lucie & Stéphane (2004) stated that, investment in training by the organization will increase the value of human capital and lead for a better performance and productivity. Training design is refer that to any factors that built into the training context in order to increase the possibility of the transfer of training will occur (Raymond, 2010).Training design should be carefully design in order to improve the probability of an employees to apply what they have learned in their training program into their work environment. According to Robert & John, (2004), “once training objectives have been determine, training design can be start”. They also mention that to design effective training design, learning concepts, training approach and legal issues must be consider. Work environment is also related with the training concept. Work environment is refer to factors inside the job that will influence transfer of training, such as managers, peers and technology supports, the climate for transfer and the opportunity to use the new capabilities to the job (Raymond, 2010). Employee is the human capital asset to the organizations whose will help to create a new innovation that differentiates it from other competitors. According to Raymond (2010) “in fact training is becoming more performance-focused. That is, training is used to improve employees’ performance, which leads to improve business result.” Therefore, through training, employees’ performance can be improved and performance is related to the successful of delivering or performing a job description competently. (Raymond as cited in M. Sallie - Dosunmu, 2006). A company named ‘Just Born’, use as appraisals for evaluation and development. Through the process of planning the appraisal, they will set on four personal objectives that will help department reach its goals, and they choose key performance outcomes related to the employee’s job description. This indicates that the performance of an individual will be measured based on how competent on employee in carrying out duties or task which have been designed specifically for them. The ability to communicate is a where the information travel from a source to the intended receiver and the information is understood by the receiver (Simon, 2002). This is indicate that the ability or good communication is a process where both parties have an equal understanding about the message given and successfully. In conclusion, job performance measurement is varied by different roles of position in the organization or types of job. It is crucial for an organization or institution to understand the relationship between training job performance in order to clearly see the importance of the training implementation and job performance. Furthermore, an institution of higher education is very important to our country which will help to guide and shape an excellent generation. This generation refers to the students that will be the future assets to the organization and country as after they graduate from universities. In addition, it is very...
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