Training and Devlopment

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Training and Development at University of Phoenix
MGT 431 / Human Resources Management

Training and Development at University of Phoenix
At the University of Phoenix (UoP), it has been noted by the several of the students that there seems to be a very high turnover rate of the main contact representatives to its client base – the student. Without interested clients and students in the product that the University is in business to offer, UoP would be remiss if they have not recognized the impact that it brings to the business. To an outsider of the organization, the perception that the university has challenges in hiring, training, and retaining these valuable fore front contacts is not favorable. “To “win the war for talent” managers must be able to identify high-potential employees, make sure the organization uses the talents of these people, and reassure them of their value, so that they do not become dissatisfied and leave the organization.” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright. pg 273, 2004). Needs Assessment

A systematic approach is needed in order to determine what the existing performance or turnover problem is by exploring the way that things are presently done and determining if things should change. This approach can be referred to as a needs assessment or a value stream mapping exercise in terms of lean process improvement techniques. This needs assessment, according to Rouda and Kusy (1996), starts out with the first step performing a Gap Analysis. Look for gaps in the way that the job is being done and determine the differences in expected or document expectation that should be followed. Once the gaps have been identified, the second step is accomplished by identifying the needs for initial job related training, organizational training and career development training needs; then the priorities and importance rating and ranking need to be identified for each category of requirement. The third step is to identify opportunities to address the...
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