Training and Development Paper

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Training and Development Paper
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Training and development is essential to the continuing an effective health care organization. Within any organization, the understanding that proper time that is invested in their employees training and developing will contribute to its success of the best patient care and profiting in revenue. Health care organizations want their employees to have up-to-date skills and be knowledge of the organizations policies and its patients is crucial. Training and development are classified as one category, however the two have different meanings. Training is considered to provide the employees specific skills that contribute in performing his/her job duties. In contrast, development is an effort to prepare an employee with the abilities that an organization may need to utilize in the future. This paper is designed to help with the understanding as to why training and education are vital in health care, the importance of measuring competencies and the description of the process for tracking and evaluating training effectiveness.

Within the healthcare environment, it is a forever changing world. Technology has created new ways of researching and diagnostics which entails constant education on how this new technology works for the patient. Families of patients may request to use different methods of curing the patient and with the advancement of technology it is important to know how it works. When a healthcare employee begins their employment, there is a standard that is set and must be met. According to the American Health Care Association (AHCA), when an employee is hired they should be aware of the Employee Standards and Code of Conduct which requires that an employee be trained annually to make sure that the employee “remains mindful of their compliance obligations and to capture changes in applicable law or facility compliance policy.” (AHCA, 2012)...
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