Training and Development Help Rubber Hit the Road at Tires Plus

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Strategic Planning

Training and Development Help Rubber Hit the Road at Tires Plus

• What do you think are the most important business goals for Tires Plus? If you were going to establish Tires Plus University, what types of strategic training and development initiatives would you create?

o The most important goals for Tires Plus would be to perform the highest customer satisfaction possible in the market; it can be either for their proper customers or for potential clients that arrive to their 500 stores. Another important goal that Tires Plus has is to give the highest needed service available to the customer without giving them extra services that they do not currently need. Moreover, If I were to make a Tires Plus University these would be the following strategic training and development initiatives that I would focus on:

▪ Expand who is trained since in Tires Plus the employees are the first and foremost important contact that they have towards their customers, hence every employees would need extra training than what managers do because they are a primarily focus point.

▪ Accelerate the pace of employee learning because the employees would quickly identify the need of each customer that arrives at the store and therefore they could give them a high quality solution to their need without the help of any top manager.

▪ Improve customer service since this the goal and mission of the company since they ensure that each employee have the entire knowledge of the products and services being offered. At the same time employees have to have qualified skills so that they can understand both their role in a sale and the need of a client.

▪ Align training and development with the company’s strategic direction this is a major strategic training and development initiative because without it the goals and mission of the company could not be followed properly.

▪ Ensure that the work environment supports...
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