Training and Development as a Tool for Optimizing Organizational Productivity

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Human Resource is the most dynamic of all the organization’s resources. They need considerable attention from the organization’s management, if they are to realize their full potential in their work. Thus motivation, leadership, communication, work restructuring, payments systems and training/development may all be included in the issues which have to be faced by management today. Training in business organizations is very essential. In a modern economy like our own the nature of work is constantly changing. New technologies mean that new work skills are constantly required. To succeed in business or in a career, people will need to be very flexible about where they work and how they work, and to constantly change the range of skills they use at work. Training and development should not be isolated or neglected in any organization that wishes to have its production going on. The skills acquired long ago might become outdated as a result of changes in technology and training or development could help to bring to their knowledge these changes. There might also be need to improve on existing skills. Training should be about whole person development - not just transferring skills, the traditional interpretation of training at work. The more the training the more likely is the chances of increasing organizations productivity. Training provides employees the detailed information of their jobs and hence makes it easy for them to perform. This increasing productivity of the employees helps the organization further to achieve its long-term goal. 1.2 STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

It has been observed from the literatures as well as field experience that some organizations theoretically formulate policies on training or development without proper implementation of these policies. These in turn, reduce their level of output (productivity) compared to their counterparts in organizations where proper training and development was carried out. A number of factors might have been responsible for this. This research work is out to examine how training and development can be used for optimizing organization’s productivity. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The general objective of this research project is to carry out a study on how training and development could be used as a tool for optimizing organizational productivity. The Specific Objectives are to:

1.Determine what training and development is (Basic Framework). 2.Determine the Roles of the trainee and trainer
3.Identify training needs
4.Determine how to plan a training
5.Determine how to evaluate training (i.e. to check if it has achieved the purpose for which it was established.) 6.Determine the importance of training and how it can affect the level of output or productivity. 7.Determine measures to ensure effective training so that productivity is improved. 1.4 RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS

H0: There is no significant relationship between organizational productivity and training and development H1: There is a significant relationship between organizational productivity and training and development. 1.5 JUSTIFICATION OF THE STUDY

This research will help:-
1)Make management of business organization realize the importance of effective training and development especially as it affects organization’s productivity; 2)Management to understand the need for proper formulation and implementation of training and development policies and strategies; 3)Other researches and researchers alike in the field of human resource taking care of training and development in business organizations.

Due to financial and time constraints, the researcher will not be able to cover all business organizations that exist in the country. The researcher is however sure of providing relevant pieces of information relating to the topic and that the study will be exhaustive which can be generalized for the whole nation. 1.7...
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