Training and Development

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Training Preparation Questionnaire
1. Who are the employees or the group(s) that will need training?

2. Are they mostly professional exempt employees or non-exempt, hourly employees?

Or both?

3. What is the general level of education of the employees who will attend training?

4. Do all of the employees speak, read, and write English well?

5. How many people will need to be trained?

6. What are some of the leadership and/or employee behaviors you have observed that cause you to feel training is needed? e.g. Employees complain that the managers “disrespect” them or “talk down” to them e.g. Customer complaints are up, with many comments that employees are “rude”

7. What are some of the performance issues/problems that currently exist which cause you to feel training is the solution? e.g. HR / Employee Relations is seeing an increase in the number of employee complaints about supervisors and managers e.g. Managers are avoiding conflicts with employees and expecting HR to handle them

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8. What are some of the “bigger picture” business objectives that are not being met? e.g. losing customers, higher turnover, lower profitability, etc.

9. How do you feel training will help you in improving the organization’s ability to accomplish the objectives?

10. What kind of results do you expect to see once the training has been completed? e.g. What do you expect your return on investment will be?

11. Who is the final, financial decision-maker with authority to approve the training?

12. What is your budget for implementing a training program?

13. When do you wish to begin implementing the first classroom workshop or Online E-learning course?

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