Training and Development

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Project Report - Training and Development of Employees
Objectives of the Project Report
Training and Development of Employees Finding is the main objective of this project report and some of the sub-objective in this report. They are : * To know the effectiveness of the training programme conducted by the company. * To know whether employees are aware about their responsibilities and authorities or not. * To improve Organizational Climate and increase the morale of employees. * To know whether training programme is conducted successfully or not. * To know about the work culture of the organization.

Training and Development of Employees :
Training and Development of Employees : After employees have been selected for various positions in an organization, training them for the specific tasks to which they have been assigned assumes great importance. It is true in many organizations that before an employee is fitted into a harmonious working relationship with other employees, he is given adequate training. Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for performing a particular job. The major outcome of training is learning. A trainee learns new habits, refined skills and useful knowledge during the training that helps him improve performance. Training enables an employee to do his present job more efficiently and prepare himself for a higher-level job. The essential features of training may be stated thus: * Increases knowledge and skills for doing a particular job; it bridges the gap between job needs and employee skills, knowledge and behaviors * Focuses attention on the current job; it is job specific and addresses particular performance deficits or problems * Concentrates on individual employees; changing what employees know, how they work, their attitudes toward their work or their interactions with their co-workers or supervisors * Tends to be more narrowly focused and oriented toward short-term performance concerns. Training is needed to serve the following purposes:

* Newly recruited employees require training so as to perform their tasks effectively. Instruction, guidance, coaching help them to handle jobs competently, without any wastage. * Training is necessary to prepare existing employees for higher-level jobs (promotion). * Existing employees require refresher training so as to keep abreast of the latest developments in job operations. In the face of rapid technological changes, this is an absolute necessity. * Training is necessary when a person moves from one job to another (transfer). After training, the' employee can change jobs quickly, improve his performance levels and achieve career goals comfortably * Training is necessary to make employees mobile and versatile. They can be placed on various jobs depending on organizational needs. * Training is needed to bridge the gap between what the employee has and what the job demands. * Training is needed to make employees more productive and useful in the long-run. * Training is needed for employees to gain acceptance from peers (learning a job quickly and being able to pull their own weight is one of the best ways for them to gain acceptance). Importance of Training :

* Training offers innumerable benefits to both employees and employers. It makes the employee more productive and more useful to an organization. The importance of training can be studied under the following heads: Benefits to the business:

* Trained workers can work more efficiently. They use machines, tools, and materials in a proper way. Wastage is thus eliminated to a large extent. * There will be fewer accidents. Training improves the knowledge of employees regarding the use of machines and...
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