Training and Development

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Training and Development

In today’s global scenario, just to do business is not enough. What is needed today is proactive style of management rather than reactive style. So, comes the concept of Competency based training and development in almost every type of organizations. To have this shift, the managers, the employees and the management together has to work to build a competent employee. Need for competence based Training: In order to use the best out of the employees in the organization, competence based training has become one of the inevitable part in almost every organizations. This involves career planning, staffing, succession planning, employee development, appraisal of the work force, compensation administration, employee relations, etc.Before a company could recruit a new work force, it has to first analyze and develop its own work force, so as to decide upon the future work force requirements. This would be more useful when nationalization is in place. The relation between the strategic man power planning and the various human resource tasks such as recruiting and selection are to be understood by the organization. This is very important for any business in this modern scenario since if it fails to cope up with the changes taking place around the world there is a likely that the business will fail. Coping up with the business means to provide the intended services or products to the consumers or customers at the desired quality, desired price which satisfies the customers. Therefore, in order to accomplish these needs of the business the organization must ensure that it has the employees who can safely, effectively and efficiently work in order to achieve these goals of the organization. In an employee this can be developed with the help of the Competency based training since people are the most valuable resources of any organization. Competence means the skills, abilities and knowledge that a person possess to accomplish a task, rather than the actual performance itself. Competence to a worker or employee doesn’t mean only to accomplish the work given to him, but also his own initiative and creativity should be there in accomplishing the task. This would give the employee as well as the organization a confidence that they are ahead of the competition. The view of competency has changed from the past to the present as the needs of the company and the customers are changing. The change that the view of competency has undergone can be depicted as What is expected from a competency training: The main objective of the competency training is to get the right mix of the four competencies namely a. Technical b.Methodological c. Individual and Social competencies. The Benefits of Competency To the organization; a. Gives the employee retention. b. Provides the organization the information about the true abilities of the employees, so that they can be used rightly for the right job. c. Succession plan can be made.As for the employees are; a. They can know what the job needs.b. They can decide on what skills are to be used to accomplish the given job. c. They can measure their own performance against the standards. Core competencies are the skills, values and beliefs that the organization is aiming at and the employees should own themselves. Examples, innovation, credibility etc.Skills and abilities that the people should have, such as listening, understanding, teamwork etc, which helps the organization to function smoothly. Technical competence means the know-how, processes etc, such as product knowledge, research, service processes, custom designing etc.

Role of Trainers and Trainees in Training: Role of Trainers; Trainers should be first able to determine about the trainees, that is, what is their capability, what is expected from them, what are they at now present etc. He needs to project to the trainees at first, what is expected out of them and should give a clear picture of how they can benefit from...
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