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  • Published : October 19, 2012
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Maximizing the performance of organizations is the main issue for an organization (Bob cardy, 1997). Good organization performance refers to the employee’s performance. Satisfactory performance of employees does not happen automatically. Managerial standards , Knowledge and Skill, Commitment and Performance appraisals effecting employee’s performance. But we are focusing on performance appraisal. The history of performance appraisal is quite brief. Its roots in the early 20th century can be traced to Taylor’s pioneering time and motion studies.The performance appraisal system start in practiced mainly in the 1940s and with the help of this system, merit rating was used for the first time near the Second World War as a method of justifying an employee’s wages (Lillian & Sitati,2011). Many banks in Pakistan are strongly implementing performance management system to help them better manage their employee’s performance and in turn, it affects organizational performance. Since performance appraisal is the key process through which work is accomplished, but it is considered the “weak point” of managing human capital (Pulakos, 2009). Therefore, it is very important to manage it effectively. (Armstrong, 2001) sees performance as behavior – the way in which organization’s teams and individuals get work done. (John Mooney, 2009) argued that performance is not just related to outputs, it is also related with actions and behaviors of employees that they adopted to achieve their given goals. (Dessler,2005) define performance appraisal as “evaluating an employee’s current and past performance relative to his/her performance standards” (Todd Grubb, 2007) says Performance appraisal is a process to evaluate how individual employees are performing and how they can improve their performance and contribute to overall organizational performance. (Beach, 2001) Performance appraisal is the systematic evacuation of employees according to their job and potential development. (Pınar...
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