Training and Design

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Training Design and Delivery
Training Objectives
As obtained from the needs analysis, our main objective is to train flight attendants in acquiring specific knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to better perform their jobs. At the end of the training program, the flight attendants will have gained knowledge in describing all aspects of their jobs and be able to answer any questions they are faced with, such as security procedures or passenger handling. They will have the appropriate skills necessary to conduct safety and emergency procedures by effectively applying CPR and First Aid. Overall, they will build an empathetic attitude towards airline passengers which will show them that someone is always taking care of their safety and other essential needs. 1.) Who is to perform the desired behaviour?

The existing flight attendants employed at different airlines will be our main focus. The training is being provided to enhance current behaviours and attitudes of these individuals. 2.) What is the actual behaviour to be employed to demonstrate mastery of the training content or objective? The training will be provided in a knowledgeable environment full of subject matter experts SME’s) and other experienced trainers who will be able to teach the customer service skills in the best possible manner. 3.) Where and when is the behaviour to be demonstrated and evaluated? The flight attendants will be given scenarios which they will have to act on and make effective decisions to solve the different problems they are faced with. This will take place during the final stages of the training in the form of a simulation, to make the program as realistic as possible. 4.) What is the standard by which the behaviour will be judged? The flight attendants will be judged by their enactment in the role plays and how effectively they solve the problem in the scenarios they are given. The Purchase-or-Design Decision

The Airlines will be making a decision to purchase the...
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