Train Delays

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Train delays

We have all at one point experienced a time when the train was delayed. Living next to the train station gave me an opportunity and advantage to collect data in a short period. Over five days I was able to collect the number of times the train was late going eastbound and vice versa. I was able to conclude that average time for trains going westbound was greater than eastbound. In the future I would like to consider the time it was delayed due to the snow because that would play a very important variable.

It is very common for trains to be late. Since I am transferring to a city school and commuting on a daily basis, I thought it would be a good idea to figure out how many times the trains are late on average. Although I collected data for both east bound and westbound, I was more interested in trains going from So westbound. I wanted an average time because next semester it would help me leave early accordingly and not be late for my classes. I predicted the eastbound trains would be more delayed because I collected my data during rush hour and it’s not as inconvenient for passengers because they are not late for work.


I changed my topic towards the end and therefore knew I would need to put more work collecting my data. I was able to gather my data by going to the train station for five weekdays. Over the counter they had the board with the train timings and delays. I was able to record three delays from both sides in the morning before I left for school and in the evening when I picked up brother, both times during rush hour.


After collecting thirty delay times from both sides, I was able to conclude that the delay times for westbound was greater than eastbound. As figure one and two show, the average delay time for eastbound was 16 minutes compared to westbound that had 19 minutes average delay.
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