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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Boys Don’t Cry is a story about a real life hate crime, but Pierce chooses to focus on the personal, the tragic love story of two people who, while overcoming some personal obstacles to their love, can not escape the societal disapproval of their relationship and the murderous feelings it engenders in others.

Then focus on the four main techniques of film making, mise en scene, cinematography, editing, and sound and show how they contribute to the overall meaning of the film. In discussing the expressiveness of the film’s techniques you may need several paragraphs, at least one about each of the four main techniques. Be sure not only to name the technique and the meaning it expresses but also show the connection between the two. For example:

A paragraph showing how music contributes to a films meaning

Both diegetic and non-diegetic music is used to express the overall tone of The Godfather as well as what is happening in specific scenes. The main theme of the film, the mournful trumpet tune, helps set the tragic mood of Michael’s corruption and its effects on all around him. Furthermore, in particular scenes music helps express the moral nature of the events. For example, to emphasize the evil of the events taking place while Michael is standing as godfather to Connie’s baby, Coppola uses church organ music in the baptismal scene that morphs into ominous, horror-like music as he cuts between the baptism to the mob hits.

A topic sentence about mise en scene and its meaning

“The contrast between the neat, spare and ordered environment of boot camp and the messy, chaotic destruction in Hue City emphasize the great difference between training and real combat” (mise en scene in Full Metal jacket).

Finally discuss any meanings that are not covered in the first part of your essay such as symptomatic or symbolic meaning in the film as is done on pp. 540 – 543 in your text for the film, The Player.

It’s not required, but you may if...
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