Trail of Tears

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  • Published : June 21, 2010
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Title of the Lesson: Trail of Tears

Content Area(s): Social Studies, Literature, Technology

Unit of Study: Trail of Tears/US History

Grade Level: 4-6

Time Frame: Comprehensive Unit/Lesson scheduled to take 3 weeks including reading of novel and a few different projects

NCSS Themes: 1. Culture, 2. Time, Continuity and Change 3. People, Places & Environment 4. Individual Development and Identity 5. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions 6. Power, authority, and governance

Social Studies Standards:
Native American Indians of New York State
Purposes of government
Industrial growth and expansion

ELA Standards:
Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding. Students will read, write, listen, and speak for literary response and expression. Students will read, write, listen, and speak for critical analysis and evaluation

Lesson Objectives:
Students will:
-Read and understand how “Weasel” relates to US and Native American history
-Explore the history and culture of Native Americans
-Read and understand primary and secondary documents that coincide with this time period
-Demonstrate their understanding of experiences of the trail of tears
-Research various parts of the trail of tears focusing on the reason the Native Americans were removed and consequences of the removal

Essential Questions:
How and Why were Native Americans “Americanized?”
Why did the US Government propose the removal of Native American Indians?
What was the trail of tears? What were the conditions like? What incidents led to the Trail of Tears? What is your perspective of the event?
Why is it important to remember this and celebrate Native American History?

Teaching Point: “Big Ideas” – Enduring Understandings – What is important for students to understand about the topic

“Weasel,” by Cynthia DeFelice
Paper, Pens, Pencils, Markers...
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