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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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When James woke up, it was to a room full of evidence to the frenzy that occurred last night. Music records were draped all over his bed and floor, two of his computers and the mixing table was still on and a glass of split whisky was on the floor but Ignoring all of that he headed over to his computer to check is he remember to do the one thing that mattered. Upload the new song which he spent 2 weeks on to his website and with a sign of relief he opened the site and the illuminating words of “Young Sinatra ft Kid Colby – My Life” came up, scrolling down he saw that his fans had already listened to it, in fact 5 mins after it had finished uploading his fans had already commented on it and with great approval. James felt a great sense of achievement and joy. That was the first time he developed a real connection with his fans and in the following months James had kept creating new music and although not attracting many new fans, his current fans always approved of his style of music and had supported him. His current producer “Young Deezy productions” was a small but lively company, with many aspiring rappers alike to James. The pay was decent as he was able to afford a nice apartment away from his home town in the ghettos of los angles and overall everything was going good for him but things were about to get better. James had opened a letter 2 weeks ago, and everyday he would look back at it, making sure it was real. It was a letter of offer from the Universal Music Group, somehow he thought his music was getting the recognition he had hoped for. It also had a hefty pay check to top it off and if not for one little thing James would have taken the offer immediately but today was the deadline and he had to make a choice to go mainstream and accept the offer or to decline and stay with his fans. He pondered about the two choices and thought about all the different possibilities including his friend Dwayne, who was a rapper like himself and signed to the same...
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