Tragic Hero

Topics: Sierra Leone, Revolutionary United Front, Blood diamond Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Jay Milton
Humanities II
Blood Diamond
In the movie blood diamond we find two heroes on a journey of they own in Africa during the worst of times over the buying of diamonds for big jewelry companies. The movie uses donors or helpers for each other throughout the scenes. Solomon Vandy is one of the heroes who fill out half of the traits it takes to be called a hero in most situations.

Solomon Vandy is a Mende fisherman who is captured by the Revolutionary United Front RUF rebels during a raid in his village in Shenge. Instead of cutting off his hands the rebels put him to work as a miner in the diamond fields under Captain Poison uses the diamonds to fund their war trading them for weapons. Solomon recovers an enormous diamond while working attempting to keep it for himself he buries it but Captain Poison discovers the truth but before he can act the Sierra Leonean Army assaults the mines. Vandy, the captain, and most of Poison's fighters are captured and imprisoned. Captain Poison tells him that he will pay and raids the town, takes Dia separating Solomon and his family.

Solomon journey starts when something is taken away, his family and his son is taken away from him. That leaves him with a void so deep that when asked does he want to die he says am already dead go head and kill me I just want my son back. And causes him to go on the journey to do whatever it takes to get his son back. He becomes a victim of circumstance when he is taken to work in the field and striped of everything he has and cannot change it because he has no control over his new situation. In his journey he runs into Danny Archer who is a white gunrunner and gets arrested for attempting to smuggle diamonds into Liberia. Archer learns of the diamond he manages to arrange his own release from prison and also pulls the strings for Solomon to be freed, hoping that he will lead him to the diamond. Archer tells him that he can make Solomon a happy man if he can find it but...
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