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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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The Downfall of the Tragic Hero
The “ Downfall of the Tragic Hero” is basically talking about the tragic heroes in plays and how Oedipus is as well a tragic hero along with a lot more. So it talks about several plays with tragic heroes. Explains why the tragic hero always ends up falling in the end. Details why an hero is a individual, and how the tragic heroes face many dilemmas of an ordinary man. Tragic flaws like in play of Oedipus, he had a tragic flaw because he was blinded and tyrannical, but his faults did cause his catastrophe. It points out how the hero is destroyed not by anything else but by the evil that is inside of himself. Just like Oedipus plays the hero in the story but in the end, it was his fault the whole city of Thebes was suffering. The heroes motives are usually with good intentions. The end of the tragedy will show the recognition of the hero, but the hero is usually guilty of wrong doing in every play. The tragic heroes take recognition for their guilt. This explains a lot about “Tragic Heroes” but it explains the different types in different plays, but they all end up leading the a “Tragic Hero”. Explains how its usually man who have a great deal to deal with. I understood it as a manly thing and since I’m not a man I wouldn’t know how to understand as well. “ No matter how profound his understanding of mans dilemmas, the dramatic form will force the hero to act.”

McCollen G William. The Downfall of The Tragic Hero” National Council of Teachers of English. College English, Vol. 19 No. 2. November 1957. Pgs. 51-56. Print.
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