Tragedy Response

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Response to Tragedy and the Common Man

In this article, Miller questions the authenticity of the tragic hero. This article deals with the issue of tragedy as it absolutely affects the common everyday man. According to him, tragedy shouldn’t be stereotyped or limited to the kings and just people in the society. As a matter of fact, we pity those people not because of their suffering, but primarily because they are human too and we can connect to the emotionally. Like Miller, I too believe that what constitutes a tragic hero, needs not to be a person of kingly status, but one who lives amongst the ordinary people. The struggle to gain that “rightful” position in society is not only exhibited by monarchs or aristocrats, but is best shown in the difficulty of the common man. It is through common man’s struggle that we are able to relate and experience our own personal catharsis. On the topic of the tragedy of the common man, I remembered reading “Death of Salesman” and thought this was a great example of tragedy. The protagonist, Willy Loman, is in his own way a tragic hero. He wants to believe that he is a well-liked, decent person who doesn’t make mistakes. Throughout the play, Willy argues with those around him to retain his personal dignity. He doesn’t come to the realization that his dreams are dead and his self-perception is flawed until the end, when he tragically takes his own life. Though it may be seen as a tragic ending, all in all it represents the heart and soul of the human spirit.
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