Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Example Essay

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Research Paper

In The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, tells a romantic tragedy of two young teenagers that fall in love.
Romeo, whose family is montagues are rivals to his love Juliet, who are labeled as capulets. They fight for their love
and will to be together. This play teaches young people to fight for their love, but not give into furious desires. They
act without thinking and this becomes their tragic flaw.

In the article, "Love and Lust in Romeo and Juliet" by Bond, Ronald B, he states "William Shakespeare teaches young people that
they should govern their desires and not run into furious desires". This statement is true to this play in many ways. First off,
Romeo and Juliet are very young lovers. Although, in their society this was normal to them, today it would not be. I believe, in
my opinion, today's society has learned from their mistakes. Their mistakes being, falling into love at such a young age Romeo and Juliet's
meeting, falling in love, marriage, and tragic end, takes place within five days Most of us know that Romeo and Juliet is labeled
a tragedy for a reason. Romeo and Juliet made bad decisions because of their strong love, whether
their love was true or not. They jumped into a marriage too quickly. They married within 12 hours of even meeting each other, even though
being married quickly was normal back then, it wasn't normal to be married within 12 hours of meeting. Their marriage is a great example of the quote
from Luigi da Porto, he remarked "What great risks and what rash deeds lovers will commit in the name of love." The two young lovers are too young and too
immature that there is too many things from stopping their love. Many people will argue to do anything for love, but I disagree with that arguement. Between
Friar Lawrence warning them many times why they should not be together, the family trying to stop them from being together, and the many obstacles they face,
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