Tragedy and Pagan Women

Topics: Tragedy, Poetics, Federico García Lorca Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: February 17, 2013
We read tragedies in order to learn, think and feel. In what ways does this statement relate to you experience of reading Yerma?

Yerma is set in 1930’s Spain, in which a you women struggles to accept her fate as infertile, leading to the murder of her husband and potential child and dream of happiness. As the audience we enjoy to read tragedies in order to think, feel and learn. Through reading the modern day tragedy Yerma, the audience is made to learn, think and feel.

As Yerma is a modern day tragedy and the main character is an ordinary person, Lorca has created a tragic poem that people in modern day society can relate to and as an audience you can learn from.

Throughout Yerma, Yerma has quite a few tragic circumstances, she is barren, has a loveless relationship and can’t be with the man she loves (Victor), she is shunned for not having children and because she wants to be out socializing she is judged. In modern day society it is ok if you don’t have children and it is your choice to have them or not, yet in saying that when you do have children you have the opportunity to socialize with your child’s friends parents and there are many opportunities like sports, school functions that you wouldn’t have the chance to go to if you didn’t have any children. In society today if you are married with no children you are not judged if you want to go out a socialize and it is this concept that we learn that Yerma was trapped by her own husband. Yerma is also obsessed with having a child, yet she is trapped by her moral/ethics so she doesn’t want to leave Juan to have a child with another man. In today’s society if your can’t have children naturally there are many different alternatives to have children but both partners need to want to have a child. This is not evident in Yerma and Juan’s relationship as Juan states ‘I never wanted them’.

In the closing scenes of Yerma, Yerma is driven to insanity and she kills Juan and her potential to have a child....
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