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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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A tragedy is a drama or writing piece in which the main character is brought to a situation that will cause much pain to the life of the character. A tragedy is a narrative that portrays calamitous events and has an unhappy but meaningful ending. Many people like tragedies because they are loved and wanted by so many people. Take for example Shakespeare he is famous for his many tragedies. The reason why he wrote so many was because people liked them a lot, just like today. Also many people like tragedies because we like to watch people fail. We like to see that other people face hardship and we are not alone. That may be bad to say but that’s the truth, take for a example if you failed a test and your friend failed it too. It makes you feel better because you know you weren’t the only one. In addition to that many people like tragedies because the conflict is entertaining and has a lot of suspense. The same reason why people watch this type of conflict is the same reason we read them. They are entertaining; re assuring that we have normal lives and interesting. I think they are enjoyable because sometimes you like to see what other people might be going through. Also I happen to like seeing that things resolve for the good, or the strength that people have to make it through something bad. The value or reading tragedies are you are able to see the ability of different people or the impact of the events on the world. For example, the murder of the Newtown kids, JFK and even Hurricane Sandy. These may not be dramas or plays but they are still major tragedies that we have faced. Now because of them something are changed or approached differently. The value we gain is knowledge.
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