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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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What did Carl Rogers say about his patients? Clients
-In-transit motivation
-3 questions about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
-Deci & Ryan’s theory
-Eating disorders, obesity,
-BMI – body mass index
-Glucose, ghrelin,
-Metabolic rate
-pituitary gland
-a bunch of emotion questions. (Handout emotion, 3 theories, James lang. 2 handouts STAPLE together) -theories of motivation—same as above? Motivation and/or emotion? -amygdala
-developmental psychologists, what are they interested in
Nature vs nurture. Nurture is environment? Nature is how you are? -Male determines sex of baby
-Number of chromosomes
-conception stage- zygote, embryo, prenatal? Um there are 4 stages Fetal stage
-age of viability (baby can be born to survive0
- least developed at birth baby eyesight???
Emotional bond between infant and caregiver or baby and momma – attachment -DAYCARE!!! Children are smarter that go to daycare and they do better, they are more respectful -authoritarian, permissive, (four parenting styles!!)

-Freud, Eric Erikson, Jon pige, biggatsky, (PEOPLE)
-signs are teen suicide—giving away belongings, (review list of things to look for) -personality
-defense mechanisms,
-frued lived in Victorian age (society ruled over common thought) why it made freud they way he is -freud’s theory –sex drives us? Title of his theory “psychoanalysis” -Carl…? Collective unconscious and archetypes.

-neo-fruedians? Know who they are. There are 3
-trade theorist what do they believe
-the big five in their personality theories
-albert major criticism of theories
Asian cultures---collectivistic culture focus on family or group (important part would be good relationship with family, open positive)
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