Traffic Rules

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  • Published : July 1, 2012
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'Speed thrills but kills',
'Better Late than Never'
'Don't Drink and drive' 1. Drive proper, to avoid going ooper ! "Feel the curves but don't hug them"
"Check your nerve on my curve"
"Love thy neighbour but not while driving"
"Better be Mister Late than to be Late Mister"
"If you want to stay married, divorce speed"
"Mountains are pleasure if you drive with leisure

Drive carefully, to live joyfully. »
Your safety our concern, keep safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. » •Don't apply breaks suddenly; someone could hit you from behind. » •Don't get lost in the music in your car. »
Footboard traveling can be hazardous. »
Don't let a minor drive your vehicle. »
Watch out for a child, running on road. »
Watch out for a animal on road. »
Watch out for a speed breaker. »
Exercise tolerance, respect other's rights. »
Overtake with caution and care. »
A motorbike is for two, not for too many. »
Traffic rules are life saving tools. »
Break should be perfect. »
Don't drive if feeling dizzy, or sleepy. »
Clean the windscreen before driving. »
Use the mirrors for rear or side view. »
They are your third eye. »
Watch the rear before reversing your car. »
Yours wipers should be perfect. »
Do not dazzle… drive with dipper on. »
Use the fog light in foggy weather. »
Drive with both blinkers on in dense fog or in heavy rain. » •Slow down at sundown. »
Apply breaks judiciously, not abruptly. »
Better late, than never. »
Cardinal 'C' of road etiquette: care, corsetry, & consideration. » •Be cautions, life is precious.Mobile off & seatbelts on. » •Follow traffic rules save life & fuel. »
Put a control on speed & mind. »
Give way to traffic on your right. »
Don't be rash, lest you crash. »
Drive fine, avoid fine. »
Horn with reason. »
Caution & care make accidents rare. »
A little care makes accidents rare. »
Alert today, alive tomorrow. »
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