Traffic Problem

Topics: Traffic, Road, Road traffic management Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: June 16, 2011
The traffic problem in our city should be considered as one of the most vital problems that must be solved immediately. In order to solve this problem, in my opinion, the following measures must be taken. 1. Driving tests should be organized regulary. People under 20 years old shouldn’t be allowed to drive. 2. Different kinds of vehicles should be classified for each road (For example: Only cars and motorbikes are allowed to circulate on Tran Hung Dao Street). 3. Maximum and minimum speed limits should be imposed on all roads. Speed limit signs should be placed on the pavements. 4. Drivers should be absolutely forbidden to drink wine while driving. 5. Those who weave back and forth or conduct motorbike races on the road should be severely punished, their motobikes should be kept for a long time and their driving licences withdrawn. 6.Pedestrians when crossing the roads should be use Zebra crossings. 7. At present a lot of roads in the city are in bad condition, all are flooded in the rainy season. They need repairing and restoring at once. 8.Traffic policemen must be wholly responsible for implementing and applying traffic rules seriously and strictly. 9. Finally, the self-imposed sense of the city dwellers in the implementation of trafic laws is still too restricted. Traffic regulation classes should be held by trafic Police Department in wards and Districts. We hope that if the above-mentioned measures are strictly executed, the number of traffic jams and accidents will be diminished to a greater extent
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