Traffic Jams in Jakarta

Topics: Traffic, Road, Jakarta Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: November 26, 2011
Traffic Jams in Jakarta
By: Juwendi Jaya Putra

I. Introduction
Thesis statement: The most significant causes of traffic jams in Jakarta lay on some factors.

II. Body
A. There are too many vehicles in the streets.
1. Many kinds of public transportation are running in the streets. 2. Too many private cars and motorcycles.
B. Indiscipline motorists cause additional problems to traffic jams. 1. Bus drivers stop everywhere they like.
2. Bus drivers drive carelessly.
3. Motor bikers don’t obey the traffic signs and regulation. C. Traffic lights in Jakarta are sometimes in malfunction and take too long time. 1. Some intersections in Jakarta have problems with traffic lights. 2. They take too long that they don’t suit the frequency of vehicles, and make vehicles pile up. D. There aren’t enough highways.

1. Highways are still too few.
2. Many dense areas in the suburbs like Bekasi, Bogor, and Depok are still difficult too reach from Jakarta without highways. E. “Busway” as another alternative to reduce traffic jams in fact also gives a problem to the traffic.

III. Conclusion
Too conclude, the city government must do the research in order to find the solution for these problems and build more facilities like highways and streets. Creating and implementing strict regulation for the traffic systems can also solve the problem.

Traffic Jams in Jakarta

Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia has quite many problems. One of them is traffic jam. Traffic jams are everywhere in Jakarta. It is hard for people in Jakarta and in its suburbs like Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor to move around. It takes too long than it should be to get to one place from another. The most significant causes of the problem lay on some factors. One of the causes is the number of vehicles in Jakarta. There are too many buses, cars, motorcycles, and any other kinds of public transportation in the streets. Too...
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