Traffic Control

Topics: Traffic, Traffic law, Traffic light Pages: 9 (3198 words) Published: July 5, 2012
* Chapter Five Assignment
This lesson is taken directly from Chapter One of the textbook and the "Texas Transportation Code," hereafter known as TC.  The "Texas Transportation Code" is a section of the Texas Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook and it is online at  

Directions:  the following questions / statements require short answer or essay format responses.  All responses should be submitted with the corresponding numbered question / statement.  This assignment should be submitted with a heading that includes your name (as it appears on the class roster), chapter number, and date submitted.  

1.     In 200 to 300 words provide in your own words example of the terms ‘ negligence,” “mens rea,” and “strict liability” and how these terms may be applied to traffic law to traffic law. Negligence can be applied to traffic law in relation to not being responsible and causing harm or death due to negligence. Negligence can stem from not paying attention to the road and doing things to intentionally causing distractions. Mens rea can be applied to traffic law because operators are aware of the law but decides to break the law anyway. Such as disobeying the posted speed limits. 2.     Provide one example of a serious traffic offense and one example of a petty traffic offense.  What is the difference between serious and petty traffic offenses? Petty offenses are more of parking tickets and they usually don’t result In an arrest. Serious traffic offenses are usually fined as well as doing jail time such as reckless driving or vehicle homicide.  3.     List which vehicles are subject to registration laws and which vehicles are not. Motor vehicle or motorized bicycle, trailer, semi-trailer, and pole trailer, when driven or moved upon a highway, and every mobile home or house trailer. Any vehicles that are utilized for off-road purposes don’t need a registration to include dirt bikes, snow mobiles, etc. 4.     List the laws determining the purchase and display of registration plates and stickers. Transportation Code Chapter 502 and 503.

5.     List the requirements pertaining to motor vehicle insurance. 6.     List the laws regulating the removal of motor vehicles. Art. 786. [824] [484] [407] May regulate removal.- Nothing in this chapter is to be construed to prevent the commissioners court or the municipal authorities from adopting regulations relative to the removal of obstructions from public roads, streets or bridges, and to enforce the same by due process of law. 7.     Explain the laws and procedures for obtaining a driver’s license. The law is found in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 37 / 1.41 and utilizing the Texas Drivers Handbook. 8.     List the laws restricting the obtaining of a driver’s license and special restrictions for certain drivers. Sec. 521.022. RESTRICTIONS ON OPERATORS OF CERTAIN SCHOOL BUSES. (a) A person under 18 years of age may not operate a school bus for the transportation of students.(b) A person who is 18 years of age or older may not operate a school bus unless the person holds an appropriate class of driver's license for the vehicle being operated.(c) A person may not operate a school bus for the transportation of students unless the person meets the mental and physical capability requirements the department establishes by rule and has passed an examination approved by the department to determine the person's mental and physical capabilities to operate a school bus safely. A physician, advanced practice nurse, or physician assistant may conduct the examination. An ophthalmologist, optometrist, or therapeutic optometrist may conduct the part of the examination relating to the person's vision. Each school bus operator must pass the examination annually.(d) A person may not operate a school bus for the transportation of students unless the person's driving record is acceptable according to minimum standards adopted by the department. A...
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