Traffic Congestion

Topics: São Paulo, Rush hour, Gridlock Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 13, 2013
In modern life, humanity has to face many problems one of which is traffic congestion. As populations surge and international migration grows steadily, the movement of people, objects, and identities are activities that have taken on a political and cultural character of their own. Traffic jam is referred to when too many vehicles pile up on the same roads at the same time, but there isn’t enough room on these roads for everyone. This situation is becoming more serious day after day. Road congestion is the curse of modern logistics and it is expected to get much worse in the future. Thus, here, one stops to ask: what causes traffic junction? What are its effects? And how can it be prevented? The major cause leading to traffic congestion is the high number of vehicles caused by the increasing population and the development of economy. The inability of the inadequate infrastructure to handle the issue of traffic is also a crucial reason. For example, public transportation in developing countries is either unavailable or of bad quality. Besides, highways and road networks are incapable of meeting the requirements of the increasing number of vehicles. In addition, the irrational distribution and the lack of conscience make traffic even worse. To explain, head offices, universities, and hospitals are often located in the center of the city, attracting a heavy flow of people, especially during rush hour. Incidents (i.e. car accidents, disabled vehicles…), construction zones, and bad weather are also considerable causes of congestion. Most people are probably familiar with the effects of congestion. What you may not realize is the extent of the effects heavy traffic congestion can have.The first thing many people think of when it comes to congested roadways is the delay. In the morning, it can make people late for work. And at the end of the day, people want to get home to relax, but traffic is preventing it. A secondary effect of traffic congestion is the...
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