Traffic Conditions

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Nowadays hundreds of people travel from one place to another. They travel (commute) to work, to school, or go on business trips. Many people travel for pleasure because traveling has recently become one of the most popular hobbies. In every season the airports, railway stations, seaports, and bus stops are full of people traveling for long or short distances.

Nevertheless travelling has the wrong side which contains high prices, polluting, laying low and danger. If you have a car sometimes it can be expensive to pay for petrol, road taxes, weight taxes and parking charges. You also have to repair it sometimes and it’s too costly. Besides these aspects car isn’t the cleanest vehicle, so people sometimes should think it over to change their cars to a public transport device like train or bus. But people are lazier then to take a couple steps to the bus stop and wait for the bus, so they rather spend hours in traffic jams (rush hours) and pay hundreds for the petrol, not mentioned the car crashes. There is a high number of accidents on the roads which are caused by careless drivers.

The possible solutions to reduce the transport’s disadvantages and dangers are to warn of as much people as we can to take care of their environmeint and their health. Another positive aspect beside changing the travelling habits is on foot or by bycicle we can be more sporty and healthy but sitting in the car can’t provide us any fitness.

Anyway there are a lot of surveys show the travelling habits and their effect on the air. Maybe only the development of car’s structure (make them environmentally friendly) will change today’s problems. In 100 years from now our crummy cars will have disappeared from the surface of the Earth and people will be forced to use more modern tools to travel.
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