Traffic Chaos

Topics: Driving, Road, Automobile Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Morning 8 a.m . You have to-go-to office . Very important meeting today . If you are late the company will suffer great loss . You are struck in a traffic jam . what will you do?
Well cases like these are becoming common these days (images and images 2 ) . People are late to their work and traffic jams are very chaotic . Students , professionals , employees , labourers , doctors , etc are all affected by traffic jams . Traffic jams are becoming very popular these days . And people get struck in these traffic jams . Recalls santoshi a class XI student " When i was in my class X i had to write my board exams . I had to reach the exam centre at 10 a.m and to a traffic jam i reached at 10:15 a.m . In spite of starting early i reached late . After apologising to invigilators they let me sit for the exam . "

Side walks were considered a boon for pedestrians . But much to their plea these days motorists drive on the sidewalks (img 8 and img 11) Also side walks are like public toilets (img 15 ) . Says shalini , a class X student " Recently while i was walking on the sidewalk at banjara hills their was a traffic jam and motorists were driving on the sidewalk and one motorist almost hit me ."

Traffic jams are mostly caused due to road accidents . People specially during the morning hours are in a hurry and drive at very high speeds in order to reach their destinations on time . Stray animals ( img 22 ) , fruit and vegetable sellers , brimming private cars , and parking at NO PARKING zones , are the main causes of traffic jams . In spite of being literates people ignore the no parking signs and park their cars recklessly .

It is doubt full if the authorities ( traffic police ) will be able to handle this problem because not one or two but most people park at no parking zones . Traffic jams often come with road rage . As there is an increase in population and use of automobiles there has been a rapid increase in the volume of traffic ....
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