Traffic Accident

Topics: Road transport, Road, Tram accident Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: November 27, 2010
1. The situation of traffic accident:
In fact, the situation of traffic accident in Ho Chi Minh City is at an alarming rate. According to the latest statistics of the Department of Traffic and Transport in Ho Chi Minh City, in April 2010, the city has occurred 98 accidents, killed 91 people and injuring 31 people. Over the same period in 2009, up 04 traffic accidents (4.26%); increase 12 people who died (15.19%) and decreased 4 injured (-11.43%). Of which:

Water transport accidents and Railway traffic accidents: 01 case occurred (1%) Road traffic accidents: 96 cases occurred, killing 90 people and injured 31 people ➢ Road traffic accidents are biggest threat.

So, let have a look on next slide, I’ll talk you more about the road traffic accidents with the first reason: weak consciousness of people. In fact, 86% of traffic accidents are from weak people's consciousness when they in traffic. All people know that acts such as pass the red light, go on the one-way streets, especially driving while drunk... is a violation, but they intentionally violated. Let move to the next slide, I want to show you some chart. This is chart of Statistics of City Traffic Police Department, as you can see here, the participants of road traffic violations has been increasing, the next year is always higher than before. If in 2008, Traffic Police handled about 991,000 cases of violation, then to 2009, the number of violations are nearly 1.3 million cases. Violations due to lack of awareness is the main cause of this problem. Ok, let now move to the next point, which is the reason of poor infrastructure: In Ho Chi Minh City, the development of the road system does not meet up with the rapid increase of vehicles. In additional, the appearance of the fence, blockhouse and the degradation of the road system configuration ... is the main cause of many serious traffic accidents. As a...
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